The Course

Our golf course, although shorter than most, is fun, fair, and plenty challenging for golfers of every skill level.  It features six par threes, ten par fours, and two par fives allowing it to play a bit longer than its par, sixty eight, would indicate.  Beginner golfer's love it because it's fair and allows them an opportunity to learn the game without feeling overwhelmed.  Advanced players love it because it gives them an opportunity to make birdies like the pros and really tests their ability to execute all the shots required to be a better player; many better players like to use the course to work on their long iron game, by keeping driver in the bag and just gripping and ripping the ball down the fairway with their long sticks.  Our golf course really has something for everyone!!!


Our golf course is also affordable.  Featuring rates among the lowest in the tri-state area, we have always prided ourselves in making golf affordable and accessible.  Our Golfer's Special, offered Monday thru Friday, allows groups of two or more to Greens Fees, Carts, and Lunch at a reduced price and our Membership Rates, the lowest around, are designed to create tremendous value for avid players.